‘Jada Pinkett Hates Will Smith & Never Wanted to Marry Him’:Is this true! Checkout for latest updates.

Jada Pinkett is an actress, songwriter, producer, television personality and a businesswoman. This extremely talented and versatile woman was born on September 18, 1971.

Jada has been featured in more than 20 films in which she has given her best performances and won praise and appreciation of the audience.

Recently Jada’s confession at the Facebook Watch’s Red Table Talk has surprised everyone. Jada, her daughter Willow and her mother Adrienne were in open conversation at the Red Table Talk discussing their family’s issues. This conversation turned out to be the biggest hit in the world of social television.

It seems that everything is not well between Jada and Will Smith. Jada revealed the deepest secret behind her marriage. She said that she was not ready for the marriage initially after two years of relationship with Will. But her unwanted Pregnancy forced her to make this big decision. Moreover, Jada’s mother, Adrienne’s constant persuasion, left her with no option.

So, Jada finally tied the knot with Will Smith in 1997. Since then, Jada’s dreams and ambitions seemed to have come to an end. She felt her marriage like a prison from where she could never set herself free. She was accompanying her megastar husband everywhere, having no identity of herself. She somehow put an end to her desires and high aspirations by getting married.

After many years of marriage, Jada Pinkett has come to understand that the term ” happy marriage” doesn’t exist in reality. It’s just a fantasy that has no relation to reality. In a real sense, according to her, marriage means “loss of freedom, happiness, and dreams.”

Personally, she adores Will Smith as an individual, but she had no desire to marry so early. Even after 21 years of marriage, she admitted that She and Will are just fulfilling the marital expectations as partners.