‘Chosen Ones’: A must read book by Veronica Roth. CheckOut for further details.

If You Are looking for an inspiring, superhero novel, then ” Chosen Ones” will serve the purpose. Chosen One is written by Veronica Roth, an American novelist, and short-story writer.

About the Novel

As the name suggests, this novel deals with the story of Chosen Ones i.e., four extraordinary teens who were selected according to a prophecy to serve a greater purpose.

These four were considered to have superpowers that they can utilize to destroy the reign of ” Dark One,” the powerful entity that was devastating the lives of North America, spreading its terror everywhere. At that crucial period, these chosen ones were trusted upon and given the task of saving mankind. They put in a lot of effort and gave their everything and finally defeated the menacing “Dark One.”

After the felling of the Dark One, everything seemed to change. People started living in peace and happiness. They forgot about Dark One as a bad dream. There was no more fear and terror in the heart and minds of the people. But something did not change for these chosen ones. Their condition did not improve much, and Sloane was the most affected among these four teens. She couldn’t adjust herself in that world is constantly haunted by her past. Even though everything had settled by then, still, she was, in a way, tied to her past and kept herself secluded from the other chosen ones.

On the tenth anniversary of the Dark One’s defeat, something unimaginable happened i.e., one of the chosen ones died. Others during the funeral gathering found out to their utter surprise that the Dark One never really ended. Now, these chosen ones have to put much of their strength and powers to bring a permanent end of this dark entity. They must fight back.

This book won the heart of the audience for the magical adventure and diverse cast. It arouses a sense of responsibility in the people to save the world. Saving mankind is above everything. Moreover, this novel develops a deep respect for the superheroes and changes the way we look up to them.