Are Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen’s Divorce Rumours True?


Joel Osteen is a well-known name for he has authored many bestsellers, is a senior pastor of Lakewood Church based in Texas. His sermons are televised and are viewed by over 20 million viewers each month. Further, he has received great love for his inspiring messages, and his sermons are broadcast on Sirius XM Satellite Radio for people to listen to.

Joel’s life has mostly been about inspiring and uplifting others and bringing joy to those around him. His wife is the founder of Lakewood’s Women Ministry and has achieved great heights by authoring the books Love Your Life, Exceptional You, Our Best Life Together, and more.

The couple is blessed with a son and a daughter. The Osteen family and their relatives usually partake in religious activities with great fervor or are usually involved in missionary work. This makes them focus on bringing joy into other’s lives and a sense of bliss and gratitude into their own lives as well.


Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria got married in 1987 and have been together ever since. In fact, they are an inspiration to other couples for having handled their relationship with great care and gratitude for one another.

Even though these rumors keep springing up from time-to-time, there is no truth to them. Once Victoria Osteen said that they built their relationship on the foundation of unconditional love and in order to keep their relationship alive, both of them had to adapt to changes and grow together.

Their love and commitment towards humanity have made them a source of encouragement and inspiration for those who follow in their footsteps and find comfort and strength in their teachings.