‘One Punch Man Season 3’ Release Date, Cast, Plot And What You Should Know As A Fan?


One Punch Man is another Japanese anime that is popular between the viewers. Based on a manga adaptation, the series has a rating of 8.8 out 10. Yusuke Murata illustrates the manga. The series, with a total of two seasons, is expected to release a season 3 soon. The season one of the one punch man was released on October 4, 2015, and ended on July 16, 2016, with 12 episodes. It was later followed by season two, which aired on April 9, 2019, till January 11, 2020, with 12 episodes again. Because of the high popularity the anime and manga received, in 2019, a game was released. A movie based on the series is also on its way to be produced. 

Release Date and trailer of One Punch Man Season 3

There is no official news regarding season 3. But we are pretty sure that, due to high viewers and fan base, we can expect a season 3 on the way. Season two took two years to release after season 1. Hence we can expect season 3 by the end of this year or by 2021. Anime’s at least take a minimum of two to three years for the renewal of a new season. However, we do feel that the ongoing pandemic might have influenced the season 3 production to delay. 

There is no trailer released as of now, but we will keep you informed. 

The cast of Season 3

Saitama(Makoto Furukawa), is a protagonist of the series who is known to defeat others with a single punch. Some of the other voice actors include Kaito Ishikawa, Aoi Yūki, Kazuhiro Yamaji, Kenjiro Tsuda, Minami Takayama, and Tesshō Genda.

One punch man

The plot of Season 3

The story revolves around Saitama, who is known to have immense power to defeat others using a single punch. He soon meets Genos, who considers Saitama as one of the best heroes he has ever seen. Genos persuades Saitama to join the Hero Association, where his powers can come to use. Hence after joining the association, Saitama crosses paths with several heroes and monsters who he defeats.