‘Aquaman 2′: Release date, storyline, cast- Nicole Kidman, Jason Momoa etc. And all other details you must know!


An American superhero fantasy film, Aquaman is established on the characters of DC Comic series of the same name. It is propagated by Warner Bros Pictures and pondered as the sixth hit film in DC extended Universe. It is one of the most alluring sequence developed by James Wan. The plotline of the movie Aquaman was set in Atlantis underwater kingdom where Aquaman dominates the province by replacing his half brother. The introductory part of the movie was broadcasted in 2018 which was a tremendous hit. The total running time of Aquaman part 1 was 143 minutes which grossed nearly $1.148 Billion on Box Office. Now, the producer of Aquaman has revived this motion film with its part 2 with more badass elements and mythological plot. As affirmed by the director; that the adventure sequel of this science fiction movie Aquaman 2 is set to slam the theatres on December 16, 2022 officially. The central characters which we can predict in Aquaman part 2 are- Nicole Kidman, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson and Yahya Abdul Mateen.Currently, this upcoming movie is in its pre-production phase and the writers are diversifying the script part. So far, there are no such trailers and teasers for this upcoming sequence. But we strive to witness it really soon. This part 2 of Aquaman is surely going to be a blockbuster bang as this project is schemed to be massively insane. The predicted plot of the sequel is more likely to be the persistence of part 1 where conceivably the new province king, Aquaman is negotiating with all the mysteries and threats endured by the Monarch of Atlantis.So guys! We have to wait two more years to feast our eyes with Aquaman part 2. I know all the onlookers are desperately waiting for this impending movie. So let’s just wait till 2022 for its furlough. Till then stay safe and stay tuned On pressreality.com for more such updates!