Paul Donald Wight ‘Big Show’ Net Worth In 2020 and All You Need To Know


Paul Donald Wight is a wrestling champion also known as Big Show. He is one of the wealthiest sportsperson to date. His journey isn’t that easy it was always tough and full of cuts and wounds. But Paul Donald defeated some great and huge competitors and gained success. He came into the wrestling field in 1995. Paul is one of the most dreadful and dangerous players in WWE.

Not only wrestling but Paul also acted in some movies which took his career to a different level. Firstly Paul always wanted to be a basketball player as he had a good game skill. Many surgeries also happened to this Big Show fortunately all were successful and he was able to rise again with more brightness into this sports world.

Big Show Net Worth: The Massive Fortune of a 7-Foot Superstar ...


Paul Donald was born in South Carolina. From Wyman King Academy in South Carolina he went for his education. There he was known for his football and basketball-playing skills. Paul gave up on football as he had clashes with his coach and focused his game on basketball. For further studies, Paul went to Northern Oklahoma Junior college. Even there Paul shined with his game skills and continue to grow as a sportsperson.


Paul had a very good kick start from beginning itself. He became famous when he became the world heavyweight champion. Paul had to even taste defeat many times. But he always had a good sportsmen attitude and took defeat personally. He once lost the title later he again won the title by defeating Flair.

Big Show Net Worth: The Massive Fortune of a 7-Foot Superstar ...


This seven times world champions net worth is around $20 million. Even appearing in TV shows is also one of the reasons for his revenue.