” Killing Eve Season 3 ” is returning. Here is everything you need to know about – Its plot, Cast , release date and everything else you need to know about.


Killing Eve is a British black comedy-drama spy thriller television series and is produced by Sid Gentle Films. It is aired on BBC America and BBC iPlayer.

The show is about a British Investigator who is in charge of capturing psychopathic assassin. However, it begins as a casual chase game between the two, and later on, they develop an obsession for each other.

Although the story is based on the Novel series Villanelle, the show is assigned a head writer for each season.

The first season’s head writer was Phoebe Waller-Bridge, while the second series’s head writer was Emerald Fennell. Suzanne Heathcote is set to be the head writer for the third season.

As season 3 is all set for release, fans are eager to know everything about the show.

About season 3

About its release

The release is official!!! As the official sources have confirmed the season, three will be airing on BBC iplayer on April 13 by 6 am in the morning. However, the US viewers will be able to see the show by April 12, Sunday.

Also, each episode will land on a weekly basis in each streaming channel they are available in.

About its plot

According to the cast, the show is going to have a new death, and that is going to set the lead characters back into a collision course. Although, as for now Villanelle, Eve is dead, Eve is hiding in plain sight, hoping Villanelle does not find her.

And when this collision course begins, there will be a lot of losses on each side, including family, friends and maybe their own lives which almost always at stake.

About its cast

Most of the leading characters who are alive will be returning for the third season of the show. If you want some of the important ones’ names, then they are :

  • Sandra Oh plays Eve Polastri
  • Jodie Comer plays Villanelle
  • Fiona Shaw plays Carolyn Martens
  • Owen McDonalds plays Niko Polastri
  • Sean Delaney plays Kenny Stoughton
  • Kim Bodnia plays Konstantine
  • Steve Pemberton plays Paul
  • Raj Bajaj plays Mo Jafari

And some more people playing a few roles they have played the season 2.

This is all we have for now, but we have to wait anymore to know what will happen in Season 3.