Vince McMahon Net Worth In 2020 and Everything You Need to Know About Him!!


Vince McMahon is popularly known for his contribution to wrestling. Being the CEO of WWE and founder of Alpha Entertainment, McMahon is considered to have become one of the billionaires now. He has won the WWE Championship twice. Before he rose to fame, he was the commentator and broadcaster for WWE. He later married former CEO of WWE Linda McMahon. The couple has two children Shane and Stephanie. 


Talking about his early life, McMahon’s father left him and his mother at the age of 12, taking his elder brother with him. He spent most of his life with his mother. 

His father was the promoter for Capitol Wrestling Corporation. He wanted to follow his father’s footsteps and wanted to pursue in the field of wrestling. Holding a business degree, he started as a ring announcer in 1969. He continued the same role until 1999. Later he and his wife Linda built their own company Titan Sports. He then took control over CWC following his father’s death. McMahon has appeared in various other shows and magazine covers. 

McMahon was also indulged in a case of steroids where he was accused of supplying steroids to the wrestlers. This was supported by Kevin Wacholz, who worked along with him. He accused Vince of ordering him to take steroids, which Wacholz denied. During the trial, the control of the company was given to his wife, Linda. 

Net Worth

Vince McMahon is estimated to have a net worth of $3.2 Billion. He recently signed huge deals with the Saudi Sports Authority and FOX Sports. It not only him, but even his family is also worth billions. His wife is estimated to have a net worth of $79 Million, and Stephanie with $40 Million and Shane with around $35 Million.