Amber getting JAILED for ABUSING Johnny Depp and LYING about it. Know all the details here!


We all know the feud that has been going around between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. Amber has accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence, along with some shreds of evidence to prove. She mentioned that Johnny was short-tempered, and once he had almost hit her with his wine glass.

But recently, things have turned the way it was the last time. Johnny Depp has now filed a defamation case of $50 Million against Heard and stated that it was she who used to abuse him. In 2018, Amber was proved that she had been lying all around and had created fake evidence. Two policemen support this, and footage as evidence. Johnny was supported by his Depp’s ex-wife Vanessa Paradis who stated that Johnny Depp would not go to the extent of abusing a woman.

Later, we know that Amber had been abusing Depp since the beginning of the marriage. The violence against Depp included punching, kicking. Amber had also given Depp a black eye as he arrived late for her birthday. Another incident in 2016 which went unnoticed was when Amber had thrown a bottle because of which Johnny Depp had a sliced finger. It was then reported, this occurred when Depp was abusing Amber.

Amber has now admitted that she had been faking this all around. She confessed that she had been causing violence to Depp, and the reason was to get public attention, which could have helped in her career.
However, no one is still sure about who the victim is. But the evidence provided till now might point towards Johnny Depp to be a victim of domestic violence. If Amber Heard was lying about the abuse, she could face jail time for lying about her violence to Depp and faking her story.