One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date, Plot and All Updates You need to Know


One-Punch Man is a Japanese anime series. The original manga series of the same name sold about 10 million copies in Japan. This series was nominated for Eisner Awards. Because of its huge popularity and fans, many streaming websites are offering the English Dub version for the show. On Netflix also we can stream the English version of One Punch Man.


The story is about a hero Saitama. Saitama trains very hard for three years, and now he is a warrior who cannot be defeated easily. He is very strong, wise, and mighty that he can collapse and defeat his powerful opponents in a single punch. He lives in a town which is full of monsters, and their numbers increase day by day.

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Madame Shibabawa can see the future and makes a prediction about monsters, and their anger activities will come true. Genos is a favorite disciple of Saitama. Both of them join the heroes association in order to save the town from the dreadful monsters. Garou is a character in the heroes group and is also very much fascinated regarding monsters.


One Punch Man Season 3 will air in 2021. The official release date is not out yet. I hope that fans won’t have to wait for a long time for the upcoming season. Season 2 received a lot of criticism for its visual effects and animations as it is produced by a different production team, not by the first series team. This season 3 will be again produced by the old first season crew. Fan pressure shouldn’t spoil the teamwork and trademark of humor of One Punch Man. For further updates, stay tuned…