Teen RAN AWAY from Home for Boy she Met ONLINE, Found DEAD & CHOPPED UP a week later

A 16-year old teenager had been brutally murdered by her 17-year-old boyfriend in South Dakota. The teenager, who lived in Wyoming with her parents, went missing on 3 October from a coffee shop. 

She ran away from her home to live with her 17-year-old boyfriend, Michael Campbell. The officials mentioned that the couple had met through an online dating website. After weeks of talking and chatting, the couple wished to live together, for which Shayna Ritthaler agreed to run away from her home.

Teen RAN AWAY from Home for Boy she Met ONLINE, Found DEAD & CHOPPED UP a week later

As we said, she was last seen in the coffee shop. After this, it was noticed that the 16-year-old teenager got into Michael Campbell’s car and then drove back to his house, which is an hour away from the coffee shop. 

Michael said that as soon as they got into the house, they had a fight for which he grabbed a gun and shot right into Shayna’s head. For the act of murder, Michael Campbell has been charged with first-degree manslaughter. The officials are still not sure about what the argument was, that made Michael Campbell shoot his girlfriend. 

Three days after Shayna Ritthaler went missing, the authorities found Michael Campbell’s car. Later, on searching his house, the officials found the body of 16-year-old Shayna Ritthaler in the basement. Because of the heinous act, Campbell will be sentenced to 55 years of prison life. 

The lawyer of Michael Campbell stated that drugs and alcohol were exchanged between them, and his client had PTSD.  

However, now, on 10 July, Campbell will be sentenced to prison and is held on a $1 million bond in a juvenile jail. He is also ordered to stay away from the girl’s family for the rest of his life. He also owed almost $83,000 in compensation.