Will Henry Cavill come back as ” The Witcher” in The witcher: season 2? Is the show ready for release ? Everything you need to know about ” The witcher season 2″ – The plot, the release date, the cast and what not?


Imagine your favorite superman of the universe being involved in a fantasy period series.

That is difficult to imagine, I guess, but it was so effortlessly pulled off by our favorite “superman ” Henry Cavill.

But we all know The Witcher before that because of the game, of course. They are one of the best games available on PlayStation and PC.

You guessed it right! I am talking about The Witcher. It began streaming on Netflix from the end of last year, to be accurate December 20, 2019. ” The witcher” is adapted from a series of books by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

It discusses the Geralt of Rivia and princess Ciri, who is, in some way, linked by destiny. Although the storyline seems to be so simple, it is not made more simple.

The narrative begins at three different points and travels through different timelines. At last, it is leading to merging into one timeline with every character coming across each other in some way.

However, confusing it may seem; it is this narrative that is the pillar of Witcher’s success.

Anyways the season 2 was announced even before the release of the first season. Let us see how it is coming along.

About season 2

Release date

The show is set to release in 2021, and the production has already begun. However, the production is now put to hold because of the current pandemic conditions.

So the release date will be affected maybe even by a year. Although Netflix does not let fans all dull, they are making an animated film, and its title is set to be ” The Witcher: Nightmare of the wolf.”


Henry Cavill, Arya Chalota, and Freya Allen have so far confirmed their return to season 2.

But actually, every one of the characters of the show is most likely to return. Namely:

  • Triss by Anna Shaffer
  • Jaskier by Joey Batey
  • Cahir by Eamon Farren
  • Tissaiaby MyAnna Buring
  • Stregobor by Lars Mikkelson
  • Artorius  by Terence Maynard

Also, a lot of new characters are expected when the Witcher series is moving forward.

The plot

The first season is based on a few short story collections that precede the actual Witcher series. So we can expect the next season to be based on one of the books, but as the narrative might be different like last time, we can expect a lot of stories from various books too.

Anyways all we know for now is this much. Let us wait for anything more from the crew soon.