When will the Disney+ Remake ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ will release? Check out all the details from Release Date to Plotline


Hocus Pocus is an American film released on July 16, 1993. The film was released by Walt Disney Pictures and is a dark fantasy comedy horror film. The story was written by David Kirschner and Mick Garris. The film upon release was not critical or successful, but it was accepted with the passing of time. After almost 17 years, a sequel of the same is in the midst of development.

Release Date and Production of Hocus Pocus 2

Hocus Pocus will release exclusively on Disney Plus. Currently, the film is in production, and no release date for the same has been announced yet. The film is expected to release by the end of 2020s.
According to sources, the director and producer of Hocus Pocus 2 will be Adam Shankman and Lynn Harris, respectively. Currently, Director Adam is busy with the pre-production of Enchanted, another Disney Film. It is not known yet, which will direct first, but both of them will release its second part soon.
The series was not an instant hit on its release, but with the passage of time, it gradually came out in Home Video Marker and DVD, which later on became a huge cult hit.

The Cast and Plotline of Hocus Pocus

It is not known if the three original members of Hocus Pocus will be back for Part 2 or not, but Disney is hoping that they will be involved in the film rather than rebooting it completely. The screenplay is all ready and set by writer Jen D’ Angelo, and even Parker, Najimay, and Midler have somewhat shown their interest in returning to the film, but they are officially attached as of yet. There is no news as of yet if any other original cast members will return or not.
Hocus Pocus shows the revenge of the three Sanderson sisters, witches who were killed in 1693 in Salem but was resurrected in the year 1993 by a boy unknowingly.


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