Sean Parker net worth in 2020 and all you need to know about him


Considered as one of the wealthiest and most influential businessmen in the United States, Sean Parker is the co-founder of the popular computer service Napster. He also co-founded Plaxo, Brigade, Causes, and His endeavors are not only linked to business activities, but he is also known for his philanthropic activities and is associated with cancer research, global public health, and civic engagement.

With such remarkably successful ventures in different aspects of business, Sean Parker is not only known as a business tycoon but also has a whopping $3 billion net worth. 


Born in Virginia to Diane and Bruce Parker, Sean grew up with a family who was always an inspiration and a constant support system for him. He was into hacking and programming as a teen and ended up hacking into a leading company’s network, which led to him getting caught and being sentenced to community service.

His school life consisted of him spending his time in coding, and as he could earn enough by venturing into different projects, he was allowed to skip formal university education. After this, he learned from hands-on experience while working on Napster and now accredits the experience he gained at Napster.


Even though he is considered a genius and continues to make huge profits with his business ventures, he has contributed to charity notably and has also established the Parker Foundation.

Due to his association with Facebook (he met Zuckerberg when Facebook was only five months old and ended up as the first president of Facebook), Brigade media, The Founders Fund, and even Spotify, he has acted as an inspiration for many more aspiring entrepreneurs in the world of business.