Kodak Black: Early Life, Career, Accolades, Net Worth and So Much To Know! Check It Out Now!


There is no doubt that Kodak Black is one of the most talented emerging rappers in the music industry. But he is also considered as one of the most controversial celebrities of all time. But we are not here to talk about “controversial matters,” are we? Here is what you need to know all about his struggles, career, personal life, net worth, and so much more. Check out below!

Early Life

Kodak Black, aka Dieuson Octave, was born on June 11, 1997, in Pompano Beach, Florida. He began his rapping career in elementary school. He used to go to a local trap house to record his material. He had a very difficult childhood as he was addicted to drugs in his early years. It also resulted in his suspension from school.


In December 2013, Black managed to release his first-ever mixtape named Project Baby. But he gained worldwide popularity when Drake posted a video of himself dancing on “Skrt,” one of Kodak Black’s hit songs. Although, he had a fair amount of his haters, including Earl Sweatshirt. He is well-known for his songs like “Lockjaw,” “Can I,” “Tunnel Vision,” “Codeine Dreaming,” and many more. His debut album, Painting Pictures, got the third spot on the Billboard 200. It managed to sell over 71,000 units in its first week. His latest single, Because of You, dropped on this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Music Style

Black is considered by many as a mumble rapper.

Personal Life

On May 2, 2018, Black decided to change his name legally from “Diueson Octave” to “Bill K. Kapri” after getting influenced by Judaism. He earned his General Education Development (GED) status while in jail later in the same year. He is the son of a Haitian immigrant named Marcelene Octave.

Other Ventures 

In November 2018, Kodak Black announced to make a school for children in Haiti. He provided gifts to 150 kids of Paradise Childcare in Broward County in the next month. He also gave a donation of $2,500 to South Carolina police officer Terrence Carraway, who was killed in a deadly shootout.

Kodak was a very good friend of late rapper XXXTentacion. He donated $50,000 to his son, Geykume.

Net Worth

Kodak Black’s current net worth is $1 million as of 2020.

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