That time I got reincarnated as a ‘Slime season 2’: Release Date and Plot.Get to know more about Rimuru’s journey,


As the name suggests, the series revolves around the re-incarnation of a young man, Satoru Mikami, as a slime named Rimuru. Previously scheduled to release in October 2020, the series got delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The series will hits screens once the pandemic retreats.

Airing 24 episodes in the first season from October 2, 2018, to March 19, 2019, the series went on to be one of the most popular anime series.

The story so far(Spoiler Alert!!)

The series begins with an office worker, Satoru Mikami, getting stabbed to death. He wakes up in a different world inside a cave as a slime, Rimuru, and henceforth, Rimuru’s journey begins to sustain himself in the new world.

Getting acquainted with his new powers, Rimuru befriends an ancient dragon named Veldora, who was sealed in the cave centuries ago. Helping his new friend to break free from the spell, Rimuru gets out of the cave to analyze his new powers as well as his new abode.

While in the cave, Rimuru learns that the more number of creatures he can eat, the more powerful he can become. Also, he learns that he can inherit the powers of his prey after his meal.

With his new powers, he sets out on his journey to finally challenge the hero turned, Demon Lord, Shizu. During his journey, Rimuru comes across various mystical creatures like goblins, dwarfs, orcs, and others, who become his support systems throughout the series.

What can we expect in the Slime season 2?

With the first season coming to an end with Kuro observing Rimuru through a special glass declaring, that next time Rimuru will be the one to lead him “to the truth of this world.”

With that, we hope to see what truth will be revealed to Kuro by Rimuru and what becomes of Ifrit, who has been trapped inside Rimuru after he has eaten him.

Watch the trailer of the upcoming season right here!!