The Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasis. Look into the details.


Yaa Gyasis, after four years from her debut, is back with the novel titled The Transcendent Kingdom. She became popular after her first novel, The Homecoming, which released in 2016. Presently, she is in Berkeley, California. She graduated from Stanford University as her bachelor’s degree in English. Her recent book is based on how she spent her childhood in Huntsville, Alabama.
She was awarded the John Leonard Award for her very first book, ” The Homecoming.” Also, she won an American award, as the first book of fiction novel was awarded, Hemingway award and a National Book Foundation 5 under 35 in the year 2016. Yaa Gyasi, another masterpiece The Transcendent Kingdom, is all set to release.
The Transcendent Kingdom focusses on the life of the Ghanian Family, who is living in Alabama. Also, it will talk about mental illness, anxiety, depression, and various psychological effects faced by the family. The protagonist, Gifty, is a fifth-year medical student studying the subject of neuroscience at Stanford, where she learns about neural activities of addiction, depression, and the behavior of mice. Nana, Gifty’s brother, is an extraordinary athlete in 10th grade who died due to an overdose of Heroin drug, and her mother is suicidal. Gifty is determined to find the solutions to every problem that surrounds her family; she will use science to understand the losses faced by them.

She has keen faith in her religion that would help her to end up all the suffering.
The book will also reflect the faith of gifty in science and religion. It has an exceptional plot of love and religion, sufferings and healing, faith and science, and much more—a worth reading novel with the emotional taste and outstanding literature.