The doors of stones by Patrick Rothfuss. When is book going to release? What’s plot? More details.


Books are one of the valuable things for the readers as books give them peace and let them explore, fantasize, and be adventurous in their imaginary world. Patrick Rothfuss’s books are one of the best selling novels. So currently, the news has arrived that author Patrick Rothfuss is working on his new book, the doors of stones. The novel is the final part of the novel series kingkiller chronicles. The book is published by DAW books. The doors of stones are preceded by the wise man’s fear.

The summary plot of the novel can be expected that there will be more explanation of Kvothe’s life as that’s where the story of the wise man’s fear was ended. The book will also be having the story about “arc.”The story of the doors of stone will tell all the unsolved mysteries left in previous novels The name of the wind and The wise man’s fear.

The release date for the book has not been confirmed, there was a leaked rumor that we can expect the release of a book ok by August 2020, but we are not sure that this information is true or not because Coronavirus dates may affect the public release of the book. Books might also be available in ebook form. Many reader fans are waiting for the book two releases as the book was going to release in November 2017  but was delayed due to some reasons. So in 2019, there was a rumor that the book is going to release soon in that year but wasn’t released. So fans were disappointed. The author also reveals that the book was written in a crafty and understandable way. The pre reviews of books are very positive but have to suffer from little criticism due to delay. The book has got 3.7 on Goodreads. We hope that this part of the novel series will also be the best selling novel. For more information, stay updated.