Supergirl: “Deus Lex Machina” Reveals SPOILER Killed Jeremiah! Know all the details here..!


The latest episode reveals some terrible news to the fans. The “Deus Lex Machina” episode solves one of the mysteries that was in season 5. Jeremiah Danvers, Supergirl’s adoptive father, was shown to be dead due to heart attack in the series. But in the latest episode, we see new mysteries unveiling. 

Who killed Jeremiah Danvers?

Jeremiah Danvers did not die due to a heart attack, but he was murdered. The whole master plan was created by Lex Luthor, which he reveals in the new episode. The plan included manipulating Earth-Prime’s Eve Tessmacher, who Lex rescued from Leviathan. 

He takes advantage of Eve’s past by filling thoughts against Jeremiah. 

Eve always wanted to take Leviathan down. Since Eve’s father was murdered, Lex offers Eve to help her find out the murderer of her father. According to Lex, the murderer of her father was Jeremiah Danvers and gave her poison to avenge her father’s death. She goes to Peru, where Jeremiah was present. Eve does kill him. In the meantime, Lex records Eve murdering Jeremiah so that he can use it against her and manipulate her to do his work.

Later, that evening Eve waits for Lex, wanting to spend some time as a couple. She was thrilled that Lex’s plan worked, and finally, she could take revenge on her father’s murderer. Unfortunately, Lex reveals that he doesn’t love her due to some previous incidents, and he used her to kill Jeremiah. 

He also reveals that he used her as a spy inside Leviathan, and her mother is still in his hands. Lex adds that he doesn’t care or even bother to know the actual murderer of her dad. 

Eve who is heartbroken, hearing all these don’t know what to do. She is unable to go to Supergirl because it was her who killed her dad.

In the end, the truth has to come out, and in the end, we hope everyone comes to know about Lex.


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