‘Kylie Jenner’ revealed that she is still Quarantined with her Ex ‘Travis Scott’. Click here for more updates!


We all are receptive about this famous American personality who is the founder and creator of a Remarkable cosmetic company ‘Kylie Cosmetics’. Yes! You guessed it right. I am talking about Kylie Jenner, the hardworking businesswoman and a socialite. As you all are conscious that worldwide everyone is Quarantined due to a major outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. Amid this, Kylie Jenner has disclosed that she is quarantining with her Ex-boyfriend Travis Scott and they both are spending plenty of moment together.Travis Smith, an American singer and songwriter is distinguished for his name “Cactus Jack”. He has given many hit albums and also nominated for many prestigious awards in Hollywood industry. Kylie and Travis are officially not dating, but, lately, Kylie has posted a new Instagram photograph with him and with their 2-year-old daughter Stormi. It indicates that these celebrities are spending adequate quarantine time together. Both of them are publicizing several Instagram stories, Tiktok videos and snaps on their social media platforms. It is not officially proclaimed that whether Kylie and Travis are romantically back or not, but according to some reports; the couples are ultimately United after there breakup. And if it is so, then it’s wonderful I must say! In their Instagram photos, they appear to be closer than before as they are quarantining and relishing their time together. Kylie has also publicized a picture while enjoying ice cream and pizza with her daughter and Travis on Sunday morning. The couple has also explored numerous filters on their faces from Instagram’s new attributes. If you want to have a look on those really stunning photographs, follow Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott on their Instagram handles. We are really delighted to see both of them together again; after their awful separation.Let’s wish, this lovely family remains the same. We are aware about this much data regarding this gorgeous couple. To find more, keep following pressreality.com, stay safe and enjoy your quarantine time with your dear ones!