‘Zapatlela 3’: Get to know about Release Date, Cast and All updates on the journey of Tatya to re-incarnate himself from a doll.


Marathi movie, Zapatlela, based on the Hollywood movie, Child’s Play, is soon to be back with the third movie of the franchise. Zapatlela is the story of a voodoo doll who is possessed by the spirit of Tatya Vinchu, a famous gangster.

The movie made its first appearance on 14 April 1993, followed by its sequel on 7 June 2013, almost 20 years after the first film.

The story so far(Spoiler Alert!!)

Zapatlela revolves around the famous gangster, Tatya Vinchu, and his journey of transferring his spirit in a doll and re-transferring it back from the doll to re-incarnate himself back.

The first part of the movie shows Tatya and his friend, Kubdya Khavis, entering the cave of Baba Chamatkar in search of mrutunjay mantra. The mrutunjay mantra is revealed to be a voodoo spell, that has the power to transfer the soul of the chanter to any living or nonliving object. Knowing the mantra from Baba Chamatkar, Tatya and Kubdya flee the cave. Soon they are found by CID Inspector Mahesh Jadhav, who shoots Tatya and arrests Kubdya. Believing Tatya to be dead, the inspector leaves. But, the fatally injured Tatya applies the mrutunjay mantra on the doll lying nearby.

Sometime later, the doll reaches Lakshya, who tells him that he is none other than the famous gangster, Tatya. The story then sets in motion with unnatural events leading Tatya to look for Baba Chamatkar, so that he can transform himself back to his former self. 

Unable to re-incarnate himself in the first movie, a desperate Tatya returns in the second movie to follow Lakshya’s son, Aditya, to complete his mission but fails to do so, though, he continues to live on even till the end of the second movie.


The movie stars:

  • Mahesh Kothare as CID Inspector Mahesh Jadhav
  • Laxmikant Berde as Laxmikant (Lakshya) Bolke
  • Dilip Prabhavalkar as Tatya Vinchu
  • Raghvendra Kadkol as Baba Chamatkar
  • Adinath Kothare as Aditya Bolke

in the lead roles followed by the other members of the cast.

What to expect in the upcoming movie?

To get yourself updated about the cast and the plot of the upcoming movie, watch this video!!