Will Smith’s son ‘Jaden Smith’ is dating Grammy award winner ‘Tyler’, the Creator and how it all began?Here is all the news you need to know..


We all know Jaden Smith from the Karate Kid and the Pursuit of Happiness, who featured along with his father, Will Smith. But these days, there are many speculations of him dating Tyler, the Creator. Is it true? Or are these rumours? Let’s discuss it here.

About Jaden

Jaden Smith is the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. He attended the Village Leadership Academy until he decided to be homeschooled. He always talks about how he had an isolated childhood and unable to make friends because of the popularity he received from acting and his famous parents. Smith later made his debut in singing in Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never. 

About Tyler

Tyler, the Creator, also known as Tyler Gregory Okonma, is an American rapper. He rose into popularity when he released his debut album The Odd Future Tape along with Hodgy, Left Brain and Casey Veggies. After this, he had many of his songs and albums published. He won the Grammy Award for the Best Rap Album in 2019 for Igor.

Are Jaden Smith and Tyler dating?

The whole story started at the Camp Gnaw Festival, California, in 2018. Jaden Smith openly spoke about this topic. He revealed that Tyler, the Creator, is his best friend in the world and that he loves him so much. He added that Tyler is his boyfriend and has been his boyfriend the whole time.

 Tyler has not denied the news, nor spoke about it. So it seems Jaden Smith and Tyler are dating. 

When Tyler won the Grammy for the Best Rap Album, Jaden took to Twitter to show his support. 

After the tweet, it had confirmed that both are in a relationship. Fans are happy and supportive of their relationship. But until now, none of them have officially confirmed anything. We will keep you updated till then!