Veteran formula one racer ‘Sir Stirling Moss’- Everything you need to know about him- his early life, racing career and net worth


Not everyone has a ‘sir’ before their name. However, this man had just earned it for herself so effortlessly.

Well, not so effortlessly, yet he is a British formula one racer, and people do not call him without adding a sir to his name.

His name is Sir Stirling Moss. He was a racer by profession and was an inductee into the international motorsports hall of fame.

So guess how talented he must have been to get that famous. He has an impeccable record considering racing and has won 212 out of the 529 races he has ever participated in. People call him ” the greatest driver never to win the World Championship.”

However, that is true considering the seven years between his racing life from 1955 to 1961. Although he never won in this period, he always ended up the runner up or the third.

However, he died last month due to terminal illness, and the racing world will always miss him. It is impossible to see a legend drive a car like him ever again.

About sir Stirling Moss

Early life

Stirling Moss was born in London in the year 1929 and let us just say that they were a family of racers.

To start with, his father was not a racer. However, his mother was a racer, and so is his sister and him. His sister was as successful as him as a female rally driver.

He got his first car at the age of 9.H it was only an Austin 7. At the age of 15, Moses had his car, and that is how it all started.

Racing career

He started racing professionally from 1948 to 1962. However, in the period between 1948 to 1955 was his golden period, and he won almost all of the races he drove for.

He won 16 formula one grand pic then.

Although he has lost a few times, he calls it an honorable failure because he always used a British car, not a foreign one.

And there was also a period from 1955- 1962 where he never got an actual win but always finished a runner up.

The legend’s end

Sir Stirling Moss lost his life on April 12, 2020. Although he was ill for a long time, fans will miss him.

You can let him live in your memories with his autobiography ‘ In the track of speed”.

What was his net worth?

He was an amazing driver that police officers still pull over someone for speeding; then they ask him, “who are you, Stirling Moss?”. However, he left the field a long time back; his net worth even now is $20 million.