Snoop Dogg issued apology to Gayle King over his comment for lashing at her due to her remark


Gayle King, the co-host of CBS This Morning, was issued an apology by rapper Snoop Dogg after lashing out at her. She remarked the late Kobe Bryant in her interview with the former WNBA star Lisa Leslie due to which she was attacked.

What did Snoop Dogg say to Gayle King?
Gayle, in her interview with Lisa Leslie, brought up the 2003 sexual assault case of late Kobe Bryant. King’s method of questioning was disapproved by many, and Snoop Dogg was one among those.
The 48-year-old rapper in the Instagram video asked Gayle King as to why she is attacking all of them out of pocket? He mentioned that they are all her people and why she would not ask the dumb ass questions to Harvey Weinstein. He also said that he wants to call her one and is it ok to call her one? He also used abusive language to call her, asking as to why she is trying to torch his homeboy’s reputation. He asked to respect his family and back off before they come to get her.

Snoop Dogg apologized to Gayle King for his comment.
Later on, Snoop Dogg apologized through a video on an Instagram to Gayle King. He said in his video that Gayle King is coming live through the video, and two wrongs do not make a right, and when a person is wrong, he got to fix it. He also thanked his mother because his mother talked him out of this.
He publicly apologized to Gayle King in his video. He said that he publicly tore her down by coming at him in a derogatory manner based on emotions. He was angry at her because of the questions she had asked at the interview due to which she overreacted.


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