‘Red Dead Redemption 2’: Get to know more about the story on the Van der Linde gang and its members, the plot and the cast.

The action-adventure game, Red Redemption 2, is back with its fictional world set in 1899. The game’s world represents the Western, Midwestern, and Southern United States countries, narrating the story of outlaw Arthur Morgan. 

The story follows the life of the protagonist of the prequel, Red Dead Redemption delving deep into Aurthur’s journey of survival against the government forces, rival gangs, and other adversaries.

Plot and setting of the story of the game

Set in 1899, the story revolves around the Van der Linde gang and stretches across five fictitious U.S. States. The second part of the game series is about the mistrust between the gang members leading to the fallout of the gang.

Beginning with the ferry heist carried out by the gang members, the series moves forward to the escape of the gang members to Lemoyne after fleeing Blackwater. There in Lemoyne, the gang comes across two families, the Grays, and Braithwaites, who ends up getting slaughtered by the gang members.

Followed by this, the series sets on a roller-coaster ride of events leading to a lack of faith and mistrust among the gang members. The game follows into a sick and diseased Arthur to succumbs to his illness and dies. Arthur’s death follows the fallout of the gang members.

The game takes an eight-year-long leap to 1907, where John and his family are trying to lead honest lives trying to find a job in a ranch. The game follows into John and Abigail’s marriage, who restart their new life on the ranch along with Jack and Uncle.

The game ends with Edgar Ross observing John’s ranch, giving us hints about the upcoming events in the game.

Characters of the game

The main characters ruling the game are:

  • Dutch van der Linde
  • Arthur Morgan
  • John Marston
  • Abigail Roberts
  • Jack Marston