‘Quanzhi Fashi Season 4’: Get to know more Mo’s Magical journey along with the Release Date, Cast And Other Details.


The anime series based on the Manga comics of the same name as the comics is soon to hit screens with its fourth season. The series continues with Mo’s journey of mastering magic. With its fantasy magical world, the series continues to win the hearts of its audiences.

The series has aired 3 seasons having 12 episodes in the first, 12 in the second, and 10 in the third. Premiering first on September 2, 2016, the series continues to run up to Dec 22, 2018.

When can we get to see the next season?

There is no news from the makers about the fourth season of the show yet, but hopefully, we can get to see the fourth season of the show after the pandemic bids adieu.

Story up to now

The story revolves around a high school student, Mo Fan, who finds himself in a world where magic has replaced science. The story focuses on Mo’s journey to establish himself a master of magic despite the various challenges that come across his way.

With his never-ending poverty by his side, Mo continues to remain the son of a poor laborer and the older step-brother to a physically challenged sister. Eventually, he gets accepted in the school of magical arts but is ridiculed in school for his poverty.

Although Mo becomes the laughing stock of the school, the determined and passionate young boy’s indomitable spirit helps him become the master of the powerful fire element and also the rare lightning element.


The lead characters of the show are:

  • Mo Fan – a high school student with a passion for magic despite his poor background. A powerful magician who has mastered the power of Fire and Lightning
  • Mu Ning Xue – Mo’s childhood friend, who is the master of ice magic
  • Xin Xia – Mo’s beloved sister, who is confined to a wheelchair

Check out the trailer of the fourth season right here!!