‘Max Payne 4’: Why There Will Be No More Games Of Famous Franchise?


Max Payne is a popular game developed by Remedy Entertainment and Rockstar Studios. It has a total of three games in the series till May 15, 2012. The first game released in 2001 for Windows, Apple Macintosh, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 in 2002. The sequel released in the year 2003. The final game released on May 15, 2012. The game is notable and loved because of its “bullet time” in action sequences.

Based on the game, 20th Century Fox decided to adapt the game to a film. The movie directed by John Moore released on October 17, 2008. Mark Wahlberg played the role of Max Payne and Mila Kunis as Mona Sax.

Is there a Max Payne 4?

The third and final game released in 2012, and it has been very long; we have not heard anything about Max Payne 4. We have no official confirmation about the next part as well. But there are high chances that the 3rd version of the game was the end of the series. In part 3, we saw that Payne avenged the death of his enemy, and currently, there are no enemies he has to fight. So having a sequel is next to impossible.

Also, the Rockstar games are focused on their new projects, such as the Grand Theft Auto-6, so they aren’t in a state to continue the game of Max Payne. Not to forget, Rockstar games didn’t achieve a lot of profit from Max Payne. 


In the first part, we see that Max Payne has lost his wife and child, for which he decides to seek revenge. During this, he meets like, Vladimir Lem, and Mona Sax. He also tries to get down a major drug operation. In the second part, Max returns as an NYPD officer, and along with Mona, sets out to find the murderers of his family. In the final section, Max tries to save the wife of one of his employers joining hands with an old friend, Raul Passos. 



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