Time to unleash the best experience all over again, with the THREEQUEL of GOOD GIRLS!


After the bang of two seasons , NBC crime dramaturgy Good Girls is soon returning with a dazzling threequel. So, at long last it is the time to clear the decks for the upcoming smash hit of 2020.

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The wait is ultimately over !

Pursuant to the reports issued, the felony based series is lined up to launch on 16 February 2020, bringing the show’s haul to 16 gripping episodes.

Cast of Good Girls Season 3

The protagonist of the series will pick up the threads in the upcoming third season with

  • Christina Hendricks as Elizabeth Beth Boland
  • Retta as Ruby Hill
  • Mae Whitman as Annie Marks
  • Reno Wilson as Stanley Hill
  • Manny Montana as Christopher,
  • Lidya Jewett as Sara Hill
  • Isaiah as Sadie Marks
  • Jackie Cruz as Rhea
  •  Matthew Lillard as Dean Boland

Additionally , a new cast, Charlyne Yi ,who is a graphic designer, will team up to the squad of Good Girls. Subsequently, the girls will succour her in their latest scheme of money laundering.

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The intriguing plot of Good Girls Season 3

The volume three of Good Girls is all schemed to leave it’s viewers at the edge of their seats and clutching their pearls with it’s remarkable plot points.

Following the events of the last season, the moms aren’t exactly on the same page. Ruby refuses to stick to her guns for her career after putting her relationship with her husband Stan in jeopardy.  Annie, Beth’s younger sister, is also disenchanted by her new beau Noah, on catching on that is literally an FBI trying to get the drop on her. With two out of the three timorous about their scheme of carrying out life crimes, it’s odds-on that Beth will be very obnoxious in persuading the team that this next business venture will be worth it in the final analysis.

As a matter of fact, it is ensued Beth’s new buddy in Season 3 ,Rhea, who is no other than Rio’s baby mother, can vicissitude their minds and bring about a drastic twist in the flix.

How’re these Good Girls?

Differing from the kind of acts they are engrossed in, it still does not match with the life ethics these girls possess. They are benevolent, sassy and sharp-witted in their gestures. Last but not the least , the high-energy season is already primped to change the trajectory of the show completely with the roller coaster turns and plot points.



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