The Book Of Longings by Leonard Cohen. Here is everything you must know.


Leonard Cohen half of the career was spent as songwriter/singer/poet inhabits the places of man’s experience. He was totally an outsider who didn’t got any girl in his life and when he got it was a emotional fatal for him. Book of longing written by Leonard Cohen includes a mixture of poems and song lyrics. A real poet or song writer ?! Leonard Cohen a centre for debate since he’s work The book of longing got published. As the book contains 150 poems and some lyrics of songs thus the questions seems logical to raise.
The poems he wrote as a Buddhist monk were written in California specifically on Mount Baldy. He had spent almost 12 long years as a monk. He has also spent he’s life time as singer, travelled & stayed across different countries including India.He’s work is inspired by famous authors of those times like Khalil Gibran to Billy Collins.Some of he’s famous works are inclined towards poets like Emily Dickinson and William Blake.It can be concluded that Leonard Cohen was a amazingly awesome song writer of all the times rather than being a great poet.He’s ballads are considered as the best part of he’s poetry. The poems were more inclined towards humour & anger rather than self pity. He’s work is more polemic rather than poetic.The book of longings was an tribute to the struggle of inspiring bold woman who look through he’s struggle and identified the strengths, potential & passions she possesses. Despite of the patriarchal society and the norms present in those days to silence her voice, the woman rose high & found her way out.
The book is based on deep research work and shows the Jesus’s life approaching only the revertial aspects. In the Book Of Longing, Cohen shows that he can observe things as he did before but now with the experience of maturity.