‘Solo Leveling Season 2’: Release Date, Spoilers, Recap And Other Details You Want to know!


Solo Leveling is an anime series adapted from the South Korean series of novels written by Chu-Gong. The first Season released with ten episodes was a big success that received numerous positive reviews and critical acclaim.

The widespread popularity and increasing fan base of Season 1 prompted the producers to come up with another season. But there’s disappointing news for the manga fans as the anime series is in halt for sometime after the release of the first Season. The producers of this series have confirmed that they are taking a break, and we don’t know for how long this break will continue.

The fans who were earlier on cloud nine are now a little disappointed knowing about this break. But there’s nothing to worry about as still; the happiest news is that the second season will come up.


Solo Leveling features the adventures of hunter Sung Jin-Woo. This series describes the conflict between planet Earth and the other world of monsters and other creatures. The hunters who had got more or less special powers to need to protect the planet Earth.

The protagonist Sung-Jin-Woo was the weakest of the rank E Hunters, who was barely stronger than other humans. That’s why he was called “Weakest” by other hunters. But Sung’s real strength was tested when he and other hunters were trapped in a horrible dungeon from which only a few managed to survive and escape. To everyone’s surprise,  Sung-Jin Woo was one of the few hunters. He came out to be stronger and courageous and started believing that one day he’ll be stronger like other hunters.

The Second Season will show more adventurous journeys of Sung Jin Woo. It will also give information about Sung’s dad, who had been missing till then. Moreover, it will throw light on the battle between the USA and China to take over Sang, who has become a national level hunter.