Seven deadly sins will there be season 4 ? Release date, storyline and what all can we expect from Franchise.


Seven Deadly Sins is back with its season 4 fans can no longer wait as its has already been announced by the officials. After the gap of three years netflix is all set to release seven deadly sins season 4.
Seven deadly sins is an anime based on japanese comic which is created by Nakaba Suzuki. This show is set in the British Isles Kingdom and Holy Knights protect this kingdom . The story commences as the Holy knights has taken the crown.presently the queen of the kingdom princess Elizabeth want these holy knights to bring back the prosperity to the kingdom.

When will seven deadly sins season 4 be launched?
Seven deadly sins season 4 has already released this year january whose last episode is gonna be released in japan on 28 March. Netflix will soon gonna premier this show around august . Mangas hundred and ten episode has to be covered but it is not sure that season 4 will be finale or not.

Expected storyline:
Season 3 had a ending in which we saw Fraudrin being killed by Meliodas he enjoyed the killing and had more meat and drinks as well. On the arrival of princess Elizabeth meliodas inform that he soon gonna be the monster again as he was earlier but elizabeth has given the surity that she wont leave his side anytime. We have to wait to see that meliodas is really getting back into his devil form?.
Plot basically revolves around kingdom of liones, Holy knights and citizens of land and the season 4 gonna release the mystery about the relationship of Elizabeth and Meliodas. The seven deadly sins will be reuniting that have been separated.

The official trailer of seven deadly sins season 7 is currently streaming on netflix originals.