‘PUBG Mobile Season 13’: Release Date, Leaks and What Can We Expect From It? Check It Out Now!


“Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”

It gives us immense pleasure when we see these words on our screens. There is no doubt in admitting that Season 12 proved to be a successful chapter in PUBG Mobile’s history, and now the gaming junkies are desperately waiting to get their hands on Season 13. Several leaks regarding the upcoming season have surfaced online. They definitely hinted towards new Royal Pass items, including new sets, characters, outfits, weapons, and more. Season 13 is set to make its grand debut with some exciting missions and worthy challenges. Here’s what you need to know about PUBG Mobile’s upcoming entry!

When Will It Release?

PUBG Mobile Season 13 is set to launch on May 12. There were many rumors about the postponement of the Season 13 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But PUBG is providing us consistent Royal Pass updates. So, we can expect the upcoming season to come out on the given date.

Season 13 Leaks: What Can We Expect From Them?

One of the most prominent leaders in the gaming universe, Classified YT, has confirmed that many new sets would be featured in Season 13, including the Army Men set, Fire Ranger set, Nebula Hero set, Puppet Agent set and Rock ‘n’ Roll set.

Another well-known gaming leaker, Mr. Ghost Gaming, disclosed that the upcoming season would have a “Toy” theme and will be called “Toys Playground.” A jungle mode has been added to do something about the balloons.


A new map named Vikendi 2.0 will be introduced just like Erangel 2.0.


If you consider yourself a big LEGO fan, then the chances of appearing LEGO-styled guns in Season 13 are quite high. We can expect to see a LEGO-themed P92 and LEGO-themed Vector. A new skin for the AUG is on the cards as well. Though, it will not fall under the “Toys Playground” theme.


A new emote called “Joyful Twist” is expected to make its debut in Season 13. Some new emotes like “Shuffling Hands” and “Talk to the Hand” are expected to feature in the upcoming installment.

Other Details

A new helmet skin based on the “Toy” theme of the game will be provided to the fans. The upcoming season is reported to bring some new medals, including Ace Title, Conqueror Title, and many more. Flash Superman and Lava Superman both are also added to the upcoming season. A parachute based on Season 13’s theme will be featured as well.

What About PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update?

The PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update is currently live on the beta servers. It is expected to release on May 12 with Season 13’s update. One of the most striking features in this update is the Miramar 2.0 map. Plus, it is reported to display many features, including a new Library Mode and Safety Scramble Mode.

Stay tuned for more updates!