‘Monster Musume Season 2’ soon to be back! Stay updated about the Release Date, Cast and Plot of the new season.


Japanese anime series on the mythical creatures of Japan is confirmed to be back with its second season. With the pandemic outbreak, the series is delayed. 

The series has only aired one season from July 8, 2015, till September 23, 2015, up to now, having a total of 13 episodes. Though the viewers have waited a lot, we hope with the retreat of the pandemic; the viewers will get to see a new season of the show.

About the show

The anime series, Monster Musume revolves around various weird creatures, who come to live together in a house. The series revolves around Kimihito Kurusu and three girls Miia, Papi, and Centorea. More surprisingly, unlike our hero, who is a Japanese Student with a part-time job, our heroines are not humans, meaning Miia is a lamia (part woman, part snake), Papi is a harpy, and Centorea is a centaur.

The fun begins when the girls come to stay at Kimihito’s house one-by-one, and fights for his attention seducing him in all possible ways, only to be inhibited by a Ms. Smith.

Throughout the series, we see the love square between Kimihito and his new housemates until he receives a threatening letter from someone named D. It is then, Kimihito decides to date each of his admirers. Following a series of accidents between our hero and heroines and their petty and jealous fights against each other, we finally find D towards the end.

Check out the trailer of the first season!!

Characters in the show

  • Kimihito, the eye candy of our heroines, a very kind and helping individual who takes care of each of his housemates, protecting and safe-keeping them from harmful intruders
  • Miia, the first guest in Kimihito’s house, is not a good housekeeper and a dreadful cook
  • Papi, the second guest of the house, is a good and happy harpy but, is a little forgetful
  • Centorea, the third guest of the house respects and considers or hero as her master
  • Ms. Smith is the commander of MON