Jaden Smith reveals he is gay and confessed his love for Tyler, the Creator. Details inside!!


Gay or Lesbian, yes, it’s not a crime; it is just the liking one person has on the other. Gender doesn’t matter; two people are free to be in a relationship and accept the realities of life. Let’s discuss Jaden Smith being gay and who is in love with Tyler, the Creator.

Jaden Smith:
An American Rapper Jaden
Christopher Syre Smith, who is well known for his acting, a 21-year-old boy, acts in films such as The Karate Kid and The Pursuit Of Happyness. Multi-talented Jaden Smith is famous for being a model and Raps.

About Tyler the Creator:

Tyler Gregory Okonma, also is known as Tyler The Creator is An American rapper and a lyricist. Also, he designs the music videos. He is born to make the records as he won many awards; two of them are Brit and wall street journal. He was titled as Grammy 2020 as for Igor; he has the best Rap albums.

Let’s talk about the Relationship between Jaden Smith and Tyler, the Creator.

2020 started well for Tyler, the creator of winning Grammy 2020, which took place in Los Angele’s Staples Center. Jordan was happy about seeing Tyler winning, and in order to celebrate Tyler’s achievement Jaden conveyed, “My Boyfriend won Grammy.” The confession by Jaden put the world into a pause on hearing such words. Although it’s not the primary time that Jaden is confessing his love and liking for Tyler. Audiences thought it to be a joke, but no Tyler and Jaden revealed its not a joke.

Jaden being open-minded regarding gender; on the other hand, Tyler is private, he only expresses by writing songs, and he is in a relationship with boys since the age of 14. Jaden was in a relationship with Sarah Synder from the year 2015 to 2017 later; they faced a breakthrough in their relationship. Also, Jaden modeled for female collection Luis Vitton.