George R.R. Martin’s sixth book in the series – A Song Of Ice And Fire- ‘The Winds Of Winter’. Catch All The Updates Here


I am sure everyone knows about the game of thrones. Although most of the fans are missing, there is a huge percent of people who have not seen it. But still, even those who have not seen a single episode of GOT knows about it, and that is because it is so popular.

And when I say popular, I mean across the world. The show was an adaptation to a segment of the book called ” The song of Ice and Fire,” and it was written by George R.R. Martin.

And the sequel or a new spin-off of GOT was announced as soon as the show closed its final season. And all of them based on the same novel series “the song of ice and fire.”

Now Martin has already announced the sixth volume of the series and has a title for us already. The name of the book is going to be the ” Winds of Winter.”

So it has been in the workshop of Martin for a long time now, so fans are a bit restless about knowing what is with the delay. And here is everything you fans have been waiting to hear about.

Keep reading to know all about ” The winds of Winter.”


About “The winds of Winter.”

Yes, it has been a very long time since the book has been in the workshop of Martin. And when I say a very long time it is longer than you expect. It has been nine years since the last book the dance of the dragons published, and the highly anticipated sixth installment of the book has been taken into the workshop.

Although there were no updates for a long time, last month, the author wrote that he is in isolation and is spending a lot more time in “Westeros.”


Updates regarding the book

This year’s annual science fiction conviction has been canceled due to the COVID 19 pandemic, and that is giving Martin a lot of time to write. He has already promised to lock himself up to force himself to complete the book and deliver by the deadline.

Release date

And that release date he promised his fans is just before the Zealand 2020.

However, the recent tweets of the author suggest that he has still got a lot to work on the book. Although he has released seven chapters online and is close to completion, I hope that the delay is because he is not getting a perfect closure.

After all, writing is not at all an easy task. Anyways let us wait for any more updates.


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