Gayle King and Snoop Dogg gets into an argument. Snoop Dogg’s apologizes to Gayle and more updates. Check it now.


Respect and dignity are some of the most important things that l any human wants. Insulting and abusing someone socially may cause chaos to victims and abuser’s life.

As currently, Snoop Dogg and Gayle King had an abusive argument, which causes chaos socially.

The event happened when Gayle King was taking an interview with the former WNBA player Lisa Leslie about her rumor relationship and friendship with Late Kobe Bryant. She also questioned the sexual assault case, which happened in 2003 as it was a very sensitive question for Lisa because people have still not moved on from the death of Kobe.

By seeing this interview, a famous American rapper, singer, and songwriter Snoop Dogg posted a video by saying that Gayle King shouldn’t ask these kinds of questions as many of Kobe’s close one has not overcome from his death and therefore accuse her socially by using irrelevant words. He also mentioned that Gayle must understand the situation rather than exploiting Kobe’s and Lisa’s image socially in front of their fans. 

Later on, American Rapper Snoop Dogg apologized to the CBS journalist Gayle King by posting a video on Instagram saying that he is sorry for his irrelevant behavior towards Gayle King. Due to this incident, both Gayle and Snoop have to go through criticisms from their fans. Snoop Dogg ended his video by quoting that “I apologize. Hopefully, we can sit down and talk privately. Have a good day.” Now the matter between both of them has been closed as the rapper has apologized and confessed that he was sad about loosing his former friend and had not overcome his death. Gayle King also apologized and accepted the apology from the rapper. Now we hope that everything between them gets solved soon. For more information, stay updated.