‘Daybreak Season 2’: Renewed Or Cancelled? Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know So Far


Uh oh!! It seems Netflix is running a marathon on the cancellation of its shows. Yet again, Netflix has canceled its dystopian drama series Daybreak after airing only one season of the show.

The series that aired on October 24, 2019, on Netflix was brought to an abrupt end by the makers on December 172019. It has aired a total of 10 episodes in the first season.

What is the show about?


The story revolves around a 17-year old Canadian boy, Josh Wheeler, who is in search of his girlfriend Sam Dean in a post-apocalyptic world in Glendale, California. In his quest, he is joined by a group that includes a 10-year-old Angelica, a would-be samurai Wesley, and others. During his long journey, Josh comes across various gangs of evil zombie-like creatures called Ghoulies. 

Where did the first season end?

The series ends with Sam proclaiming herself as the leader of the survivors after turning down Josh’s offer to join them in the happy ending. The season comes to an end with Josh, Angelica, and his small group of survivors watching their friends kneeling before the new leader, Sam.

Since there’s no news about the second season of the series, we have to brace ourselves with the trailer of the first!!


The show stars:

  • Colin Ford as Josh Wheeler
  • Alyvia Alyn Lind as Angelica Green
  • Sophie Simnett as Samaira “Sam” Dean
  • Austin Crute as Wesley Fists
  • Cody Kearsley as Turbo “Bro Jock” Pokaski
  • Jeanté Godlock as Mona Lisa
  • Gregory Kasyan as Eli Cardashyan
  • Krysta Rodriguez as Ms. Crumble / The Witch
  • Matthew Broderick as Michael Burr / Baron Triumph

in the lead roles.

Why was the series bought to an end?

To get a clearer picture of why the series was bought to an end, check out this video!!