Wilson and Vera Farmiga will be back as Ed and Lorraine Warren in ‘Conjuring 3’. Everything else you need to know about the film- the cast, the release date and the plot.


One of the major horror film universes of Hollywood is “The Conjuring.” Although it began in 2013, it is still the favorite for many people.

The major reason for this liking towards the film is, of course, its plot and storyline. The success of the film led to a lot of films evolving in its backdrop. A whole franchise came into existence revolving around the original James Wan film.

There are two direct sequels named Conjuring 2 and Conjuring 3, Conjuring 3 is yet to release and is set to release in 2020. Also, there were three films, the Annebelle, Annebelle creation, and Annebelle Comes home, all revolving around the doll Annebelle.

Then came the spin-offs based on characters from the Conjuring, the Nun, and the crooked man, which is still under development.

Now Conjuring’s third sequel named ‘The conjuring: The devil made me do it’ will be releasing soon. Here is everything you need to know about the film.

About Conjuring 3

About the plot

The film franchise is going to make a lot of movies until they feel tired of the same story. James wan has earlier explained that there is much potential for the film to proceed in many ways, and that is why the franchise.

Although James Wan also stated that he would not be able to direct the film due to other commitments. However, there will not be any delay due to this, and Wan is happy to let other directors direct the films’ sequels as part of the expansion of the universe.

The plot of the film is rumored to be something about a criminal who will be using possession as a reason to defend his crimes.  Although this is not a confirmed plot, it sounds interesting.

All we know about the plot, for now, is that the plot will not be possession and house this time. It will be much bigger and better.

The cast

Though the cast is not confirmed officially, the only cast we know will be in the film for sure are Wilson and Vera Farmiga. Thus Lorraine and Ed Warren will return for sure. However, the rest of the cast remains unknown.

The release date

The filming started by June the month of 2019. So it is expected that the film might be in the post-production stage right now. The film is set to release by September 2020. However, the current pandemic might affect the dates.

Let us hope it releases soon.