Will Nathan Fillion be back as John Nolan, the oldest Rookie? Here is everything you need to know about ‘The Rookie Season3’- the cast, plot, the release date and everything else you need to know about.


The Rookie is an American police procedural comedy-drama series and is airing in ABC. The creator of the show, Alexi Hawley, is introducing John Nolan, a man in his forties through the show.

Nathan Fillion is the actor playing John Nolan, a cop. However, he is the oldest rookie in the Los Angeles Police department.

The show also stars Alyssa Diaz, Richard Jones, Titus Makin Jr., Mercedes Mason, Melisssa O’Neil, Afton Williamson, Mekia Cox, and Eric Winter. “The rookie ” received a series order from ABC in October 2017 and exactly a year after the show was premiered.

The season1 of The rookie instantly picked up for a 20 episode run. Then in September 2019, the show again returned for season 2 and again went on for a 20 episode run.

Now the show is all set for season 3, and here is all that the fans are expecting to know about the show and its release. Keep reading to know all about The Rookie Season 3.

About The Rookie season 3

However, ABC network has not confirmed about season 3 and its release. Also, considering season 2 is still being aired on ABC, and there are three more episodes to the season finale. It is too soon to get any real updates from the official sources.

However, the internet and leaked information from ” Inside sources” we get to know that show is going on for a Season 3 for sure, but none of the sources can tell us when. Also, thinking logically, The show is well received by fans, so the chance of cancellation is most unlikely.

Season 2 is currently airing on ABC, and the season finale will be on 10th May 2020. So the predictions of the show’s next season date to mid-2021. Also, the unexpected Pandemic situation prevailing might delay it a bit more.


The show is about John Nolan, who decides to pursue his dream of becoming a cop in his 40s. So now he has to solve crimes and meet dangerous people along with rookies who are way younger than him.

With season 2 till not brought to an end, we cannot predict anything about the plot, but we expect something more fun.

The Cast

The cast of the show will be reprising their roles just as they did for season 2, and any new cast members are not yet updated.

Anyways let us wait for any more updates about the show, which might happen soon after the Season finale.