Is Netflix’s ‘Elite season 4’ happening? Is Miguel Bernardeau returning as Guzman? Click to know everything about the cast, plot and the release date


Elite is a Spanish language thriller drama series. The creators of the series Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona, are writing the series for Netflix. However, most of the cast members are the ones who appear in the Netflix series that is set to happen in Spain.

The Elite is one other series available on Netflix that explores the teen concepts and dramas. Still out of many teen series on Netflix, Elite stands apart for its flash-forward plot.

The mystery element the plot holds is also notable and appreciated by critics and fans alike. When season 1 released in October 2018, fans’ called the series a “guilty pleasure.” The series is still in the spotlight, with fans praising the writing, acting, and the portrayal of mature themes.

The show later proceeded to make a season 2 and a third. Now the show is being renewed for season 4, and here is everything that you, fans wish to know about season 4 of Elite.

About Elite: Season 4

Release date

The makers of the show or Netflix has not released a piece of single news about the show and its renewals in the future. However, Luckily enough for fans, A leading Spanish Website Bluper leaked the information that seasons four and season 5 are currently under the production. They might probably be in the pre-production stages.

However, the current COVID-19 pandemic situation is affecting the production and release of the show. So we cannot expect the show to release at least until late 2021 or early 2022.


Elite is a fictitious secondary school in Las Encinas, Spain. The storyline revolves around three working-class teenage students enrolling in the school through some scholarship and their wealthy classmates.

The murder of Marina is definitely a considerable turning point in the story of the series. However, it is yet not clear how and why the murder happened.

Season 4 will unravel more of the mystery that is behind Marina’s Murder, and of course, new characters are expected who may influence the plot.


The remaining cast of the show will return as such, and by remaining, I mean the characters that are alive.

The current casts that are confirmed are Miguel Bernando (playing Guzman) and Itzan Escamilla (playing Samuel) through their social media interactions.

For any other information, we have to wait for updates from the crew.


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