‘Samsung Galaxy Fold’: Release Date, Design, Specs, Price and everything you should know!

Recently Samsung has released the Z Flip, and it has introduced the revolutionary second foldable phone Galaxy Fold. The phone released in February 2020 worldwide. Galaxy Fold is one of the most expensive phones ever because of considering the amount of research, technologies, and effort to create a phone so complex.


The name itself suggests that the key feature in the device is fold-ability. This device also can be used as a fold-able phone or a tablet. The 4.6-inch display can be fully converted to a 7.3-inch tablet if needed. The display has designed in such a way that so that it slips to your hand and pocket seamlessly.
Samsung has stated that the fold mechanisms go up to 200,000 uses. The significant addition is the Infinity Flex Display, which is the largest galaxy screen yet. This screen is said to be 50% thinner than the previous galaxy displays, hence way slimmer. It is mainly available in two colors Space Silver and Cosmos Black.


The display is made of 7.3 QXGA and AMOLED display with 332 pixels per inch and 399 pixels. About storage, it has 12GB of RAM for gaming and streaming, and also 512GB built-in storage.

The 7.3-inch display also allows you to run three applications simultaneously on the screen together. The unique feature is that the fingerprint sensor is placed along the sides for easier access.

It has a 10MP front camera with an 8MP depth camera. The rear camera consists of 16MP Ultra Wide Camera,12MP Wide Angle Camera, and the 12MP Telephoto Camera.


The performance rate of the processor is high with the Snapdragon 855. The LTE and 5G model, the batteries are rated at 4,380mAh and 4.235mAh, respectively. The operating system used is Android 9.0 Pie. The price range of Samsung Galaxy Fold starts at $1,980