Is ‘Sherlock Season 5’ happening? Release date, plot, cast-Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and more


One of the best TV series ever created, Sherlock, has created waves and gained a mass fan following since its premiere back in 2010. This comedy British TV series has gained an astonishing 9.1 IMDb rating and is often cited as a much-watch TV series. Not only fans but also critics have much loved Sherlock. With the critical acclaim it received for its direction, acting, and writing, Sherlock, has also been nominated for the most prestigious awards and has managed to win plenty.


The show is set in modern-day London, where Detective Sherlock Holmes is shown solving mysteries with his wit and exceptional skills. Sherlock’s friend and flatmate, Dr. John Watson, often joins him on his escapades and provides him with useful insight.  Sherlock, throughout the whole series, goes on solving mysteries, his reasoning and brilliance of mind never cease to surprise the viewers. The show’s success led to the creation of 4 seasons in total, with the 5th one being anticipated by fans worldwide.


Some pivotal characters are played by-

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Detective William Sherlock Holmes, Martin Freeman as Sherlock’s confidant and best friend John Hamish Watson, Rupert Graves as Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade- who initially has his suspicions about Sherlock and his abilities, Una Stubbs as Martha Louise Hudson, who is Sherlock’s landlady. Further, Louise Brealey plays Molly Hooper, who has a crush on Sherlock, and Sian Brooke plays the role of Eurus Holmes (Sherlock and Mycroft’s sister).


Though Cumberbatch and Moffat have conveyed their interest in season 5, nothing has been concretely decided. Further, the actors have a conflicting shooting schedule, and so season 5 is still pretty uncertain. Its fate will only be determined in the future when all ongoing projects are wrapped up.