‘Brightburn 2’: Brandon Coming up With More EVIL POWERS !! Read To Know Plot & Release Date


Brightburn is a horror-thriller movie that is going to scare us once again and thrill us with its second installment. Brightburn is directed by David Yarovesky and produced by James Gunn. The story is similar to Superman in the beginning. The story is about a boy Brandon who grows up in Kannas and discovers his superficial powers. He uses these powers to kill his adopted family and thinks of him being superior to the human race. He wants to use his powers in murdering and troubling people. Let us see the release date and plot of Brightburn 2.


The story begins when a couple finds a baby in a broken spaceship. They will think that this baby is a blessed gift to them and adopt him. He is given name Brandon. While he is of puberty age, he starts realizing he has superficial powers. With theseBRIGHTRUN powers, he does murders and destroys the city.

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In the second part, we can witness more evil activities of Brandon with his grown age. Any clear plot is not known. As still story work isn’t done writers, have to lot of work as it shouldn’t make us feel like any other dark film.


The first movie collected $17.3 in the first week of release. IMDB RATING is 6.1/.10 Sony will be launching under its franchise and involving other big franchises too. It is not yet confirmed about when Brightrun when would it hit the theaters. The director James Gunn is already working on other projects like Suicide Squad and The Guardians os Gallaxy. Mostly Brightrun will not release in 2020. So in the best-case scenario movie will be likely to schedule its release between 2021-2022. For further updates, stay tuned, folks…