‘Bancroft Season 3’: Release date, plot, cast-Sarah Parish, Adam Long and all the latest updates

Bancroft is a British TV series that first premiered in December 2017. It has received mixed reviews so far and has a fanbase of its own. Here’s everything you need to know about this series and the release if the next season-


Sarah Parish is a dedicated police officer who has given much of her life to her department. She is ruthless and driven, yet is loved and respected by those in her department. Enters the antagonist, Detective Superintendent Elizabeth, who has been assigned a murder case of 1990. However, Sarah is connected to this case in dark ways. This secret was hidden so far, and now that the secret is being prodded about, she must do something.

What will become of Sarah’s secret?


The main cast comprises of Sarah Parish as Detective Chief Superintendent Elizabeth Bancroft, Adam Long as Joe Bancroft, Adrian Edmondson as Superintendent Clifford Walker, Lee Boardman as Detective Inspector George Morris, Charles Babalola as Detective Sergeant Andy Bevan, etc.

Season 1 saw other members like Amara Karan as Anya Karim, Art Malik as Detective Chief Superintendent Alan Taheri, Linus Roache as Tim Fraser

While season 2 included stars David Avery as Detective Superintendent Jake Harper, Jacqueline Boatswain as Chief Constable Frances Holland, Charlotte Hope as Annabel Connors, and more.


Kate Brooke has confirmed that she is interested in releasing the third season. She is looking into the psychological aspects of human nature while thinking of what the next season shall comprise of. Her research is definitely in progress, but nothing else has been revealed about the shooting schedule of the upcoming season. Further, the Coronavirus pandemic has halted all shows for the time being, and thus, we can only wait till all this uncertainty comes to an end. Therefore, no confirmed release date has been announced so far for the release of season 3.