‘Animal Kingdom Season 5’: Release Date, Plot, Cast- Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman, etc. And Other Details You Need To Know!


A good news for the Crime drama fans that the series Animal Kingdom is coming up with fifth season. So Check out below for further details.

Animal Kingdom is based on the Australian film ” Animal Kingdom” by David Michod. Developed by Jonathan Lisco, this series premiered on TNT on June 14, 2016, with ten episodes. The popularity of the series led to the renewal of the series for the second season, which premiered on May 30, 2017—the third season premiered on May 29, 2018, and the fourth season on May 28, 2019.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Release Date

On July 24, 2019, the series the Animal Kingdom was renewed for a fifth season. But no official announcement has been made regarding its release date. Initially, the fifth season was expected to hit the screen by late 2020, but the outbreak of the global pandemic led its release date in doubt.


Joshua “J” Cody, a 17yr old boy, is the center of the series whose mother died due to heroin overdose. As a result, he had to move to southern California with his reckless relatives.

His relatives i.e., Cody’s family, were unrestrained and were living a fanciful life with “Smurf” Cody dominating overall. Soon Josh was also dragged into that family’s life of indulgence and excess. Being a part of that family, he could not keep himself apart from others.

But he shockingly came to know that the family’s high profile life was funded by criminal activities. This shocking revelation disturbed him, and he understood that joining this family in their activities will only bring danger to his life and nothing else.

Season 2 showed the breaking bond between the Cody family members, with some willing to be free from the dominance of Smurf. The fifth season may focus on the exposition of this family’s crime racket.


Many of the characters will be recurring in the fifth season of “Animal Kingdom.”  They include Ellen Barkin as Janine “Smurf” Cody, Scott Speedman as Barry “Baz” Blackwell, Shawn Hatosy as Andrew “Pope” Cody, etc.