The upcoming ‘Fable 4’ will be multiplayer and a time travelling game. Read all about its release date, gameplay and plot


A decade had passed since the release of the Fable 3 way back in 2010. The fable has not had the fourth installment despite it being one of the most lauded series of Microsoft. Fans are hoping that it could change as the new generation of consoles approaches with the Xbox Series X. Since 2017, there is a talk and rumors about the development and working on a fourth Fable game. In June 2019, an alleged Fable 4 leak also emerged on Reddit. But there was no news of the same at E3 2019.

Release Date of Fable 4
It is hard to guess the release date of Fable 4 as there is no actual confirmation of the game. Eurogamer confirmed back in 2018 that the development of the game is at the early stage. Moreover, there were reports that the game is developed by Playground Games. It is rumored that the Playground Games was still the hiring process to make the team numbers of up to around 200 members. The next generation of Xbox will be released towards the end of 2020. So it is expected that the game will be released by that time or in 2021.

About the game
A video was leaked on Reddit in 2019. It is not available and has been removed. Nevertheless, some details about the game have been acquired. According to the leak, the game is a first/third-person perspective, completely open-world, can ignore main quests and focus on being a hero multiplayer, runs on unreal engine, no firearms, and players can build towns which can influence the main quest.
In the new game, as claimed by the leak, there will be no Albion and Aurora. Lands were being reduced to fables, as the game will be completely developed. There will also be time-traveling, and multiple-planet can be accessed in the new game. The new game will be a much more ambitious, multi-continent, and exciting one.