‘The Book of Longings’ by Sue Monk Kidd: An beautiful journey of Ana and Jesus along with the re-incarnation of characters from THE BIBLE.

Set in a male-dominated society, The Book of Longings beautifully traces out the journey of a brave, bold, and stalwart young woman, Ana.

Ana’s tale begins from her very childhood, describing her affluent background. Born to a wealthy family in Sepphoris, the headstrong Ana is a curious and rebellious spirit. Unabated, she continues her keen search to find an outlet to showcase her bountiful talents. Giving up her hopes on the silent women of the society, she pursues a secret career in writing narratives about the miserable and cornered lives of women who were suppressed by the male-dominated society.

At this time of her life, love finds its way into her life in the form of the eighteen-year-old Jesus. Drawn to each other’s take on spiritual and philosophical ideas, they find solace in each other complementing and completing each other. Soon they get married in Nazareth, where Ana builds a home with Jesus, his brothers, James and Simon, and their mother, Mary.

It is amidst Nazareth’s turbulence that Ana’s repressed longings awaken from their deep slumber, leading her into a dangerous journey to fight for the suppressed women of the society. With the help of her brother, Judas, her aunt, Yalta, and some other women, whose excruciatingly painful lives make them strong and bold now, Ana, sets out on her journey to bring them their share of justice.

An immensely well-researched book on Jesus’s approach to humanity, the book re-incarnates some of the characters of The Bible, describing one incredible journey of a brave-hearted and compassionate woman.

About the Author

Raised in Sylvester, Georgia, SUE MONK KIDD graduated from the Christian University of Texas, later taking up creative writing courses at Emory University. She has written four books up to now, The Book of Longings being her latest. She also went on to win the South Carolina Fellowship in Literature and the 1996 Poets & Writers Exchange Program in Fiction during her forties.