Prime Video’s ‘Hanna Season 2’: Plot Details, Cast (Esme Creed-Miles, Joel Kinnaman, etc), Release Date and So Much More!


One of the most popular TV series of last year, Hanna, is coming back on Amazon Prime Video with its second season. Directed by Sarah Adina Smith, this series first premiered on February 3, 2019. David Farr is the person behind the creation of this show. The first season consisted of eight action-packed episodes. In April 2019, Amazon decided to step into the chaotic world of Hanna again by deciding to renew this show for the second time.

Hanna Season 1 ended with opening the gates of massive opportunities to explore the character of the protagonist and the challenges faced by her. Here’s what you need to know everything about her!

Hanna Season 2: What Do We Know So Far?

The plot revolves around a genetically enhanced super-soldier girl, Hanna. Her father, Erik, was responsible for recruiting pregnant women into the CIA’s UTRAX program. The program was designed to modify the children’s DNA and turn them into super soldiers. Erik falls in love with Hanna’s mother, Johanna. He takes Hanna with him and hides into a remote forest in Poland. CIA appoints agent Marissa to shut down the entire project by eliminating all the children.

We know that the first season ended with Hanna and Erik trying to help all the genetically enhanced children to escape from the CIA’s facility. Clara was the only girl who decides to run away with them. Erik dies due to his fatal injuries. Marissa also survived in the end.

Hanna Season 2 Plot Details: What Can We Expect?

Fans will definitely witness Hanna doing hardcore action sequences in the upcoming installment of Hanna. Marissa is expected to have a key role in the second season. Sophie’s family can also return. Hanna’s teenage life is reported to be explored in greater depth. The vengeance of her father’s death will be in her mind too. She will be seen combating against the CIA representatives sent by Jerome Lawyer.

Cast For Season 2: Who Will Be Back?

Esme Creed-Miles will be back to play the titular character of Hanna. Joel Kinnaman’s cameo appearance as Erik is also on the cards. Other cast members, including Mireille Enos (Marissa Wiegler), Noah Taylor (Dr. Roland Kunek), Khalid Abdulla (Jerome Sawyer), Andy Newman (Jacob) and Rhianne Barreto (Sophie) are also expected to return to their respective roles.

In September 2019, Amazon announced the addition of five new members to the cast of Hanna Season 2, including Dermot Mulroney and Anthony Welsh. They both will portray the characters of John Carmichael and Leo Garner, respectively, in the upcoming season.

When Is It Coming Out?

No official announcement has been made by Amazon regarding the release of Hanna Season 2 on Prime Video. According to our sources, it’s release date has been pushed back due to the ongoing pandemic. It is likely to be released in 2021. Stay tuned for more updates.

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