Is ‘The OA Season 3’ renewed? Release date, cast- Brit Marling, Emory Cohen, plot and more

The OA Season 3 has been surrounded by controversy and a lot of speculations long since the release of its second season. The American drama series first premiered in 2016 on Netflix, while the second one came out in 2019 with a cliffhanger at the end.


The OA has received critical acclaim for its intriguing storyline and wonderful performances.  It is centered around Prairie Johnson, an adopted woman, who comes back home after having disappeared seven years ago. Her sudden reappearance caught her family and police officials by surprise, as they decide to question her regarding her whereabouts. Prairie refers to herself as The OA (or Original Angel), has regained her eyesight (she was blind seven years ago), and now has fresh scars engraved on her body.

Though Prairie refuses to tell the FBI or her parents anything about her disappearance, she decides to save others stuck in another dimension and takes the help of school students for doing so.


The OA stars Brit Marling as Prairie Johnson, Emory Cohen as Homer Roberts, Scott Wilson as Abel Johnson, Phyllis Smith as Betty, Patrick Gibson as Steve Winchell, Jason Isaacs as Hunter Aloysius, Ian Alexander as Buck, Kingsley Ben-Adir as Karim Washington, and many more.


Netflix has canceled the next season. Unfortunately, fans who were waiting to know more about the fate of the series, in continuation of the cliffhanger ending in season 2, will not be able to find answers to their questions anymore.

Despite many attempts and petitions signed by fans, nothing new has come up so far regarding the fate of The OA. Netflix has opted to cancel the show, and the makers took to social media to thank fans for their warm support throughout.