‘Cable Girls Season 5’: 5 Things To Know Before Its Netflix Release! Plot, Cast-Blanca Suarez, Ana Fernandez, Release and and So Much More!


Finally, big news for all the fans of female-driven TV shows! Cable Girls will be back on Netflix!

Hailed, as one of the all-time Spanish great TV shows, Cable Girls, is set to return with its fifth season on Netflix. Prominent for its spectacular 1920s Spanish atmosphere, this series debuted on April 28, 2017. The pair of Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira is responsible for the creation of this Spanish entry. Netflix is well-known for bringing TV shows and movies from different cultures, languages, and countries. Cable Girls is just another worthy addition to that list. After receiving a huge positive response from critics, the upcoming season is sure to thrill the dedicated fans of this much-beloved period drama.

What Do We Know So Far?

The plot is centered on the group of four women working in a telecommunications company in Madrid. These women form a strong bond of friendship among themselves in the midst of a male-dominating environment in Spain. They face many restrictions and challenges as this series progresses.

We know that the group tries to break Oscar out of jail and ends up losing Ángeles by a fatal gunshot wound. Her tragic death fractures the whole gang. Lidia goes to America with Francisco and Eva. Maria manages to open her own accounting company. She also tries to restore her marriage with Pablo.

What Can We Expect From Season 5?

We are expected to see the chaotic environment of Spain in the upcoming season of Cable Girls. We can’t forget about Miguel also. We will finally find out with whom Lidia ends up with. The possibilities of some crucial deaths can’t be denied, especially when the whole of Spain is being haunted by the Civil War. Fans will definitely witness hard-hitting drama along with some spectacular performances and a satisfying conclusion.

Cast For Season 2

Blanca Suarez (Lidia Aguilar), Ana Fernández (Carlota Senillosa), Nadia de Santiago (Marga Suarez), Ana Polvorosa (Oscar Ruiz/Sara Millán), Martiño Rivas (Carlos Cifuentes) and Yon González (Francisco Gómez) are expected to portray their respective roles in the upcoming installment of Cable Girls. Supporting cast will return too.

When Is It Going To Release?

The first part of the fifth season of Cable Girls premiered on this year’s Valentine’s Day. It had five episodes under its belt. The second part is rumored to release in June 2020. But it can be pushed back due to the ongoing pandemic.

Is Season 5 Going To Be The Last Entry?

Yes! There will be no season 6 after the premiere of the second part of the fifth season. Stay tuned for more updates.

Check out the following trailer of season 5 to know more!